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Year-end accounts

If you need a company to support you with the production and submission of your year-end accounts then Jon Rouse and Co are here to help you.

Whether you have a finalised trial balance or the prime records of the company, we can prepare and submit, where necessary, your final year end accounts.

Taxation and advice

We understand that our clients want to keep as much of their hard-earned income as possible and Jon Rouse and Co are the experts in Tax and the latest changes in the rules. We constantly review you affairs and keep you up to date with the latest opportunities to save on tax payable.

We can remove the headache of submitting your returns. We specialise in PAYE, Personal Tax, Business and Corporate Tax and VAT. Please get in touch to find out more.

Payroll and Bookkeeping

We deal with all aspects of PAYE and can tailor our services to suit your needs. If its bookkeeping advice you need, we can advise on the in’s and out’s, software solutions and even supply spreadsheets for you to use. We can of course also perform the bookkeeping work on your behalf!

Company Formations

We can assist to quickly get your new company incorporated. We also give concise advice as to which structure is most suitable. Sole trader, partnership or Limited company?

Management Accounts

The production of timely and accurate accounts is paramount to businesses. Jon rouse and Co can help you to avoid penalties, uncover opportunities to save tax and expose poor business performance.

Offer an advice service. Helping you with the design, organisation & control of the necessary documents, such as sales orders, invoices & statements. We can also help to support you in setting up your accountance systems that meet the needs of your individual business and style.

Jon Rouse and Co can also help you to prepare your quarterly VAT Return, and complete any annual accounts & returns that are required by the regulatory authorities and finance providers.

VAT Returns

Value Added Tax (VAT) can be both difficult and stressful. It is one of the most complex taxes imposed on UK businesses, and incorrect calculations can be extremely costly.
Further, failing to to complete your VAT returns correctly and on time can result in penalties and interest payments due.

Don’t worry though, at Jon Rouse and Co we have trained VAT professionals. We keep up with the latest HMRC regulations so you don’t have to. We can ensure you are accumulating the correct amounts for every transaction, and that payments and VAT returns are done securely, accurately and on time.

Small Business Advice

Are you looking to launch your first business and don’t know what do to? Jon Rouse and Co can help.

Are you a Sole trader looking to grow and wondering what the next steps should be. Ask us.

Are you looking to set up a new bank account but need to know the best options for you, then we can help.

If you need advice on the next steps in your business journey we can advise you, and help you to go the most tax efficient and profitable way.

Workplace Pension and auto enrolment

With workplace pensions now the law, let Jon Rouse and Co help you to evaluate your pension scheme in light of auto-enrolment, identify and implement any changes and manage the process for you.

We’ll help you ensure your scheme satisfies the pension regulator and delivers desirable good member outcomes. We’ll set up regular meetings, advise you on default fund selection, monitor performance and give you on-going regulatory and technical updates.

PEnsion Scheme Review and Selection:

We can also help you review your existing pension scheme and, if needed, recommend a new one. We’ll agree your objectives with you, research the needs of your workforce and benchmark your existing scheme.

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